Be careful when you drive your vehicle in Mauritius. People park their cars everywhere, out of the blue, even on the most busy roads. Everywhere are roads filled with potholes, roadworks and speed bumps! Buses and trucks need more than just one half of the whole street, so be carefully when these vehicles are approaching you. There also might be a dog sleeping on the road or people crossing the lane in the middle of nowhere at 2 AM. Watch out and drive safely – all day, everyday, everywhere!


Driving your car is also an experience and good fun, especially to explore the island. There is some public transport, but if you want to go surfing and see the island without waiting for the bus, you are better off with your own car / vehicle.


Leaving your stuff in the car is safe in most places. There are some places across the island where I do not recommend to leave your things in the car (e.g. Port Louis, Blue Bay,…). I have already had this bad experience of getting robbed here. I am still not sure if I want to share this story with you or not. However, I have no more cameras left but my phone camera.


Despite the crazy guys racing on the roads , people here in Mauritius usually drive (very) slowly and patiently.







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