After 12 days in Mauritius, I definitely can say:
I really like this country, the island & its lifestyle. Mauritius, you got me!


The daily routine starts with a breakfast on our balcony. It’s always a relaxed atmosphere, the only thing everyone worries about is the wind. How strong is the wind today, which direction, will it be strong the whole day,..? Kite- or Windsurfing, wave surfing,…? What kind and size of equipment?

After that, everyone but me goes to the advanced spot. I am still at the kite lagoon, which is well known as a beginners and training spot. It won’t take much more time (hopefully) until I can call myself an intermediate/advanced Kitesurfer. Anyhow, we all enjoy every single day at the beach – surfing, chilling, eating, talking,.. .

In the evening we cook together, go out for dinner, have some drinks, watching TV,…. You won’t believe it, but I have not been to a big party yet. First one will be this friday evening….I am really looking forward to this. If you wanna see some crazy footage, follow me on Snapchat:

We are a great group of people, from different countries, backgrounds,.. this is what it makes it even more special and enjoyable. If you wonder who hook me up with all that kind of nice things and people: SION Mauritius it is! The guys from SION Mauritius are awesome and helpfully all the time! No matter if its a question about living, cars, surfing, equipment, opening hours of the local supermarket, best store for fresh fish,…

I really hope that I can give you some insights into my time in Mauritius and inspire you for your summer (holiday) plans.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


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