My name is René-Kurt Zisch and everyone – but my parents and a few friends – calls me Zischi. I grew up in Gresten, Lower Austria (AUT). On my blog I write about travel, lifestyle, sport and events. Why?

 Travelling, sport and events play an essential part in my life. No matter if it’s summer or winter, I like to be outside, do sports, travel or I just enjoy the moment. And lifestyle? Lifestyle to me is about having a good time with friends, appreciating little things and it also means live your dream.
On this blog, you’ll also find some behind the scenes footage and interviews & from time to time there will be posts about cars, fashion, art & photography. I write my blogpost in English, German or in both languages, depending on the topic.
More information about my blog and me are in the ’ABOUT’ section, at the head of the page.


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