Ski Opening Part 1 – Schladming

Last weekend I went to 2 big ski openings. The first stop of this trip was Schladming. As we arrived on Thursday (one day before the big opening), the weather changed a little. The wind got stronger and it was really cloudy, including some fresh snow.


This weather change did not affect


Mauritius: Mountains, Ocean & Streets


As a lot of things were happening the last weeks, I keep this blog post as short as possible. My daily business is still kitesurfing every day, but we also did some hiking up to the top of Brabant (the home mountain of Le Morne), dolphin watching, snorkeling, eating fresh fish and much more. The following pictures should give you a little insight into my last weeks here in Mauritius. Enjoy!



Mauritian Streets


Be careful when you drive your vehicle in Mauritius. People park their cars everywhere, out of the blue, even on the most busy roads. Everywhere are roads filled with potholes, roadworks and speed bumps! Buses and trucks need more than just one half of the whole street, so be carefully when


ENSO – the place to be in La Gaulette


Surfers from all over the world stay for their time in Mauritus in La Gaulette, which is located just next to the world famous Kite- ,Wind- and Surfspot in Le Morne. Most of them spend their day at the beach surfing or doing some adventures across the island. In the evening, as soon as the sun sets, you can find most of the surfers hanging at the local surfers‘ bar called ENSO.


Mauritian Lifestyle

After 12 days in Mauritius, I definitely can say:
I really like this country, the island & its lifestyle. Mauritius, you got me!


The daily routine starts with


Hello from Mauritius


The first few days have already been awesome on the island! I had my first Kitesurf lessons, went surfing & stand up paddling. It’s such a nice country with lovely people! Unfortunately, I only took my camera with me once. Therefore I have not taken a lot of pictures yet. A chosen few pictures of the first days in Mauritius can be seen on my Facebook page.


Next Stop: Mauritius

Yeah, it’s time to go to Mauritius! After a long time without surfing, the next few months will be all about it. As I heard, Mauritius has the best conditions for all types of surfing, it will be one hell of a time! For the next few months, the main topics on my blog will be:
Mauritius & Surfing

Mauritius steht schon länger auf meiner Liste und jetzt ist es endlich so weit. Ich freue mich schon riesig auf eine der großartigsten Inseln der Welt, das Surfen, den Lifestyle, die Leute und vieles mehr! Nach langer Zeit der „Surfabstinenz“ geht es nun auch wieder zum Surfen in die Wellen. Mauritius werden ja nahezu perfekte Bedingungen zum Surfen aller Art nachgesagt. Daher werde ich nun endlich auch das Kitesurfen erlernen. Die nächsten Monate werde ich euch auf meinem Blog am Laufenden halten, speziell zu den Themen:
Mauritius & Surfing

Stay tuned & hang loose!



Erzberg Rodeo 2016


In less than a week, Erzberg Rodeo takes places again! It’s all about riding some crazy vehicles, meeting funny people, doing rad stuff,… Words can’t really explain the things happening at this event.

Das 22.Erzberg Rodeo steht kurz vor der Tür. Wie in den letzten Jahren wird es auch heuer wieder ein Event der Extraklasse! Neben den verrücktesten Menschen und Maschinen gibt es auch heuer wieder die besten Fahrer der Welt zu bestaunen. Hier noch ein paar Eindrücke aus dem vergangenen Jahr.